Review: Firefly 2 Portable Convection Vaporizer


Whether you want to vape flower or concentrates, the Firefly 2 can completely change your relationship with cannabis.

Dr. Ethan Russo said at Terpestival 2017, that the best way to get cannabinoids into your system is to vaporize whole flower. You’ll taste flavor like never before, save your lungs from harmful smoke, and ingest beneficial terpenes that are otherwise burned up when using other methods.

The Firefly 2 is the latest in the high-tech world of portable vaporizers meant to optimize the cannabis experience. Newsweek calls it “the iPhone of vaporizers,” and for good reason. It’s sleek, insanely versatile, and even comes with an app! Whether you want to vape flower or concentrates, the Firefly 2 can completely change your relationship with cannabis.

Intro to the Firefly 2

When the Firefly 2 arrived at my doorstep, the package was heavier than I’d expected. There was some real weight to it, and I knew this was a substantial device.

Along with the vaporizer itself, you get a charging station, cleaning kit, concentrate pads, USB cable, and an extra battery. That’s a lot of gear if you’re used to vape pens and cartridges like I was. But, this is a serious purchase, and Firefly makes sure you get your money’s worth.

A brand-new Firefly 2, still in the box.

Setting it up:

Just like a smartphone, the Firefly 2 requires some setup right out of the box. First off, charge the battery and download the free app onto your phone. The app is optional, but you’ll most likely need it to get the best hits.

Screenshot of Firefly 2 smartphone app.

From the app you can:

  • Select the heating profile
  • Change how the Firefly 2 is activated, and
  • Fine-tune the power setting (which for flower, seems best at 105%)

One of the first things I noticed about the Firefly 2, was air resistance when taking a hit. Even with a brand-new, empty bowl, I felt I had to suck harder than expected to inhale through the unit.

This didn’t stop me from packing the bowl and taking my first hit, but it did make me wonder if I was doing something wrong.

I called customer service to ask about it. The representative assured me this is normal, and helped me fine-tune my Firefly 2.

Once I got used to it, the air resistance became a non-issue. Really, it requires about the same force as taking a drag off a joint.

Taking your first hit of flower:

After you’ve charged the battery and downloaded the app, you’re ready to take a hit!

  1. Grind or break up your flower—you may have to experiment with how fine to make it.
  2. Remove the magnetic lid, then pack your bowl lightly until the flower comes just above the top of the bowl.

    A freshly packed bowl without the lid on.
  3. Place the lid over the top, which will lightly compress the flower.
  4. Hold the Firefly 2 so your thumb and finger touch the activation contacts (one on each
    Wait until the green light stops blinking and the bowl is glowing red before you take a hit.

    side of the unit). The charging light near the bowl will blink green to indicate the unit is heating up, and the bowl will begin to glow red/orange.

  5. When the light stops blinking, wait a few more seconds until the bowl is bright red/orange. Then, take as long a hit as you’re comfortable with. If you keep drawing in air, the unit will turn off automatically, but I find I can get a satisfying cloud before that happens.


Because the Firefly 2 is so customizable, it’ll probably require some trial and error to get the most out of it. During my call to customer service, the representative suggested some tips on getting the best hits—which all worked, by the way:

  • Experiment with the grind. If it’s too coarse, the heat won’t penetrate. And if it’s too fine, like dust, there won’t be adequate airflow.
  • Don’t overpack your bowl. If you cram too much flower in there, you won’t get proper air flow or heat.
  • Wait a couple of seconds after the light stops blinking, and then take your hit. This gives the unit a little extra time to heat up.
  • Set your power at 105% to give it a little extra kick. Just be careful. If you go too hot, you can burn your material, destroy the terpenes, and diminish the flavor.

Once you get your Firefly 2 dialed in, you’ll be able to get big, satisfying hits and exhale  billowy clouds every time. And the flavor is richer and terpier than anything you’ll ever experience with a pipe or bong.

Firefly on a windowsill.

I’ve definitely found my new favorite way to consume. And I should mention, if you haven’t vaped much (or at all) the high is better.

It’s subtle, but I find it a mellower experience. As it turns out, this may have a lot to do with the terpenes that I wasn’t getting before.

When you use a pipe or bong, most of the terpenes—and their benefits—get destroyed by combustion.

When you vape (keeping the temp properly adjusted) you preserve terpenes and other cannabinoids, reaping benefits science is only beginning to understand.

If you’re ready to up your consumption game, I highly recommend the Firefly 2. I’ve had nothing but fun setting it up and using it, and their customer service is second to none!

Stay tuned for more on the Firefly 2. Later we’ll look at

  • Cleaning Your Firefly 2
  • Vaping Concentrates With Your Firefly 2
  • Replacing the Battery In Your Firefly 2